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If you are planning a house move soon then why not get ahead of the game whilst you have time on your hands.

To avoid any risks to yourselves and our surveyors at this difficult time, we can still give you a competitive quotation by arranging a full video survey. Online we will be able to see what ítems need to be removed and what care needs to be taken with certain ítems.

All you will need is a Smart phone or a Tablet with Whatsapp or Facetime installed and we will instruct you on the rest.

By showing us what needs to be removed room by room we will easily be able to come up with a quotation for you, speeding up the process for when you need to pack up and leave.

Please now take a look at our form. Simply fill it in with a suitable day and time that is best for you to have your FREE online video survey.

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Privacy Policy

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